The Tournaments of the German Junior Golf Tour

The German Junior Golf Tour - with players from 25 nations:

The German Junior Golf Tour - with players from 24 nations:

Discover your potential and what type of player you are under professional conditions.


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Statements about the GJGT

Nick Bachem

“Man fühlt sich wie ein Profi. Das ist das coolste Turnier, das ich dieses Jahr gespielt habe. 4 Runden sind für viele neu, aber 4 Runden zu spielen sind ein großes Erlebnis und eine Supererfahrung!” Nick Bachem Overall Winner 2016 Deutscher Nationalspieler

Polly Mack

“Ein tolles Turnier auf einem Top Golfplatz! Die Grüns sind hervorragend. Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder.” Polly Mack Overall Winner 2016 Deutsche Nationalspielerin und NCAA College Spielerin University of Alabama

Tarekt Merchant

“Great Events! A lot of Top German Players. We always have a great time and enjoy spending it with the players and their families.” Tarek Merchant Founder ImRecruitable US Colleges

Mauritz Sasse

“Ich habe mich bei der GJGT Tour Championship in Berlin angemeldet, weil ich die GJGT Leipzig Open schon gespielt habe und mir die 4 Runden ohne Cut sehr gut gefallen haben. Das Turnier ist für mich was ganz Besonderes, weil man direkt sehen kann, wie andere Jugendliche in meiner Altersklasse spielen. Man spielt bei anderen…”…

Jacob Agerschou

“The German Junior Golf Tour is a great set of tournaments where everything is well-organized. It’s held on great courses which calls you back for next years tournament. The tournament directors are top professional and committed to create great frame for the juniors to perform their best.” Jacob Agerschou Overall Winner GJGT Championship 2017 New…

Alex Kyriacou

“A one-of-a-kind tournament! I am looking forward to the next GJGT event. Great opportunity to compete with international top players!” Alex Kyriacou US Junior, Rockland County Golfer of the Year 2017 und NCAA I St. John’s University

The Tournaments of the German Junior Golf Tour 2021 ...

… are 4-round-tournaments

... are always carried out with e-scoring


… welcome the use of caddies

... are played according to WHS


... are ranked in all leading independent rankings (world, Europe, US, Germany).


… are played with “hole by hole-livescoring”

… are open for all junior-golfers

… distribute spots on a “first come, first serve” basis

... are open, independent international tournaments, so far with participants from 23 nations

... are 100% true youth tournaments: U18 remains U18, no playing rights for over 18s, no fraudulent labeling!


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