Code of Conduct

The GJGT wants to make every event an experience for everyone involved. We believe that players can only perform to their full potential in a professional environment. We are very proud of the quality of the players, the hosting golf clubs and the wide involvement of the community in every tournament. To ensure these standards, we have established policies known as the “GJGT Code of Conduct”. The aim is to help GJGT players take responsibility, grow and mature by understanding and accepting the consequences of their actions. The Code of Conduct is to be followed throughout the GJGT membership of the players.


Any of the following is a violation of the GJGT Code of Conduct:

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior (including verbal insults, cheating, throwing of clubs, misuse of golf course property and the disregarding of volunteers, officials or players) and the threatening and use of violence.
  • Failure to treat the golf course with respect by ignoring the players responsibility for maintaining the course and repairing divots and ball-marks.
  • The disregarding of the dress code of the hosting golf course.
  • Use of drugs, alcohol or smoking (including chewing tobacco products).
  • Vandalism in the partnering hotel and abusive behavior towards a host family and their property.

Dress code on the golf course

  • Caps and hats must be worn with the bill facing forward. Players must remove caps and hats in the clubhouse.
  • T-shirts with collars or turtlenecks (if allowed by the golf course) are required.
  • Women’s shirts must have sleeves.
  • Women’s shirts should not protrude above the belt line during the golf swing.
  • Women’s shorts or skirts should not be shorter than 12cm above the knee or the inner seam of the shorts must be at least 12cm.

Prohibited clothing on the golf course

  • Tank-tops, T-Shirts
  • Jeans shorts, gym shorts, jeans, jogging pants, yoga pants
  • Earrings (boys)
  • Body-piercings (visible)
  • Visible tattoos (must be covered)

Appropriate clothing is always required on the hosting golf course, before and after the tournament. Questionable clothing will be checked by the tournament committee. Should a golf course have a stricter dress code, it will be prioritized. Rule infringing players may not tee off. If a GJGT event takes place in a resort, all participants must wear appropriate clothing if they wish to use the practice facilities.

Player registration

If a player does not attend the player registration and/or meeting, he/she can not receive his/her tournament gifts without prior agreement with the tournament director.

Penalties for violations of the Code of Conduct

Any violation of the Code of Conduct will be reported to the player and their parent/guardian. The GJGT Tournament Committee may impose the following penalties, depending on the severity of the offense:

  • 1 penalty stroke for every act of unsportsmanlike behavior on the course.
  • Immediate disqualification from the tournament in which the violation took place.
  • Depending on the severity of the violation, a disqualification may also result in the disqualification of the player in further tournaments where the player has already been accepted.

The GJGT reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player’s membership after a serious violation of the GJGT-Code of Conduct. The violation of the GJGT-Code of Conduct may affect the players eligibility for invitations and future season events.

GJGT members which violate the GJGT-Code of Conduct in non-GJGT tournaments are also subject to potential sanctions by the GJGT Tournament Committee.

Suspension information

The Tournament Director of the GJGT-event will determine the duration of the suspension after reviewing all submitted materials regarding the violation. Any player whose membership is suspended can not be awarded in the following tournament season. The obeying of the GJGT Code of Conduct will be monitored by the GJGT staff during tournament rounds, player registrations, player meetings and during the practice rounds.