Who can play on the German Junior Golf Tour?

All golfers between the age of 7 and 18 who are a member of a nationally or internationally recognized club are eligible for a GJGT membership.

Do I need a membership to play on the German Junior Golf Tour?

By receiving a starting spot, the player automatically becomes a member of the German Junior Golf Tour. The membership is free.

What are the age divisions on the GJGT?

The boys and girls are divided into three age groups:

  • 1. Boys 12-18 years, 2. Boys 11-12 years, 3. Boys 7-10 years.
  • 1. Girls 12-18 years, 2. Girls 11-12 years, 3. Girls 7-10 years.


Which categories are played on GJGT tournaments?
  • Boys and girls 12-18 years – 72 holes Strokeplay over 4 rounds
  • Boys and girls 7-10 years and 11-12 years – 36 holes Strokeplay over 4 rounds


Is there a cut at GJGT tournaments?


There is no cut. Everyone plays 4 rounds.

Does the German Junior Golf Tour provide transport from Airport and Hotels?

No. Players will be responsible for organizing their own transport to and from the Golf Course, Airport and Hotel.

Is there Livescoring at the tournaments of the German Junior Golf Tour?

Yes, a special feature of the German Junior Golf Tour is the “hole-by-hole Livescoring”.

How do I register for the GJGT tournaments?

Registrations are only possible through our website via the “REGISTER NOW” button. The registration status will be sent to the player by e-mail within 48 hours.

Under which rules are the GJGT tournaments played?

The tournaments will be played in accordance with the rules issued by R&A Rules Limited and the Rules of the respective Golf Club.

What happens when the tournament field is full?

When a tournament field reaches the maximum number of players, all junior golfers who attempt to sign up will be added to a waiting list in their respective age division.  If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted directly by an GJGT team member to confirm your entry.

Am I good enough to play on this tour?

Absolutely! We encourage players of all skill levels to try it out. The lower handicapped flights are more competitive, whilst the mid to high handicapped flights have more camaraderie and social aspects to them.

How can I play in the GJGT Tour Championship?

There are three ways to receive a spot at the GJGT Tour Championship

  • Win one of the GJGT Open same year in your age division.
  • Register early enough for Berlin (first come, first serve).
How do I register for an event?

All tournament registrations go directly to the tournament organizer through the registration form on the tournament website. You can find the organizer details on the specific tournament page.

How do I pay?

The payment is submitted through our website during registration.

When are tee times released and how do I find mine?

First round pairings, schedule, general information, as well as local rules will be available on the practice round day during registration. An email will also be sent to confirmed registrants 1-2 days before competition.

Tee times will be published on the golf course the evenings before the tournament rounds. If you have any doubt, please contact the tournament organizer. The contact details are given on the tournament information page.

How do I book a practice round for a tournament?

Players may book a practice round at a discounted price for the day before the event by directly contacting the venue’s pro shop. Practice round tee times are based on availability and there is no guarantee; players are encouraged to book practice rounds in a timely manner.

When is registration?

Onsite registration is mandatory. Registration is open at the golf course the day before the first round. Time and location are subject to change; check the tournament website for details.

May I spectate?

Yes, you are very welcome to spectate free of charge. The players will be delighted to have you there. The minimum distance to keep from the players is 30 meters.

Are distance measuring devices permitted during tournament play?

The GJGT allows the use of distance measuring devices in all competition events.

Players may not use any devices that measure slope, wind, or temperature.

Are players lists published in advance for German Junior Golf Tour tournaments?

No, for data protection reasons, the playerlist will be not published in advance of the German Junior Golf Tour tournaments.

Is there E-scoring at the tournaments of the German Junior Golf Tour?

Yes, all tournaments of the German Junior Golf Tour will be scored with E-scoring.